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  1. I saw your comments recently at The Painters Keys. Just enough to entice me to your website. I’ve enjoyed clicking through. Nicely done. Just the right amount of restraint. I especially like the picture of Timber, the explorer. It is a wonderful picture and would be an awesome painting. What an interesting family and fascinating lives.

    1. Atwood Cutting
      Feb 4 (2 days ago)
      to WordPress
      Thank you for writing. I believe this is my second response, ever, to my website. Please feel free to paint Timber’s portrait, if you have that inkling. He is a wonderful man, and we are still together after 42 years of adventure.
      I looked at your experimental painting, and I immediately liked the texturing of the sea. I thought it was egg tempura, until I read your text. At any rate, I like the piece. (Of course, I applied papier mache to our fireplace surround, to make it look like part of a Spanish mission ruin, so my aesthetic might be a bit off the beaten path,) Were it me, I would try a rising sun and shadowing on the subject’s back, to give it deeper interest.

      Again, thank you so much for your comments, especially when you mentioned “just the right amount of restraint.”
      Perhaps a new friend?

    2. Hello James. Please excuse the loooooong due response. My tech skills are nil. Thank you for writing about my site, and I’d love to see you paint the portrait of Timber, the Lumberjack, if you would like. Hopefully, this note to you will go through . . .

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